Nootropic Lineup

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Brain & Gut Health

Endless Possibility

  • Lion's Mane

    A Functional Mushroom that Supports Focus, Creativity & Productivity.

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  • Chaga

    Get a boost in antioxidants, while lowering cholesterol levels, supporting immune function, and reducing blood pressure.

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  • Cordyceps

    Increase athletic performance and recovery; boost your immune system.

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  • This is a product of conscious energy.

    Where you direct your energy in life will determine what you bring into the manifested reality.

    This is the energetic law of the universe.

    Ideas are powerful. Manifestation is real. But most of us struggle to bring our ideas into fruition because we lack the ablity to sit down and do what needs to be done - uninterrupted, deep work on our most impactful tasks.

    We need solitude in the morning and we need to regulate our reward system. The one built into the most powerful tool at our disposal - our brain.

    Dreams are built through action and clarity. Take care of your deep work, foster ideas into action. Rebuild neural pathways around growth, and make bulletproof focus a habit. When we take care of our brain and our gut, we make room for this clarity, we make room for ideas to flourish.

    Reclaim your superpower - focus.

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